Love Your Neighbor: A Bag of Popcorn That Opened Doors

David and I have been digging deep into what it means to “Love Your Neighbor.”

David and I have always loved getting to know everyone around us. More recently we’ve wanted to move beyond simple social connections and to building a community. Even though socializing with everyone is a natural part of our personalities, going deeper into what it means to “Love Your Neighbor” is new for us.

When we think back on our move to Orlando roughly 1.5 years ago, it probably looked abrupt to most of our friends. It’s hard to describe how much peace we had from the Lord in making the decision. Fast forward to today. It’s really special how God has once again given us confirmation and peace in our home purchase. The peace didn’t come through simple reading and pondering, it came as I tried to live out Matthew 22:37-39.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 22:37-39 

As I was thinking about these verses, I thought “what if God is talking about our actual physical neighbors — not just our friends or co-workers” — but those that really see my family day in and day out.

My brain storming mode started. How could I live out “Love Your Neighbor”?

I knew that whatever I did, it’d have to be simple! Having three little kids doesn’t leave any time for baking! I did a little Pinteresting and a little Googling and found this sweet post on HAPPy as We Know It.

We were off!

We jumped in the car and went to Sam’s Club and got a big box of 30 packaged buttered popcorn bags! Printed off the tags from the blog post – “Just poppin’ in to say you have new neighbors!” Super cute right!  If you have just moved, are planning on moving, or just want to meet your neighbors, this is such a cute and quick way to do so.

Loving Our Neighbors with Bags of Popcorn

So, if the thought crossed your mind, “isn’t it weird that you’re the new person and you’re basically welcoming all the existing neighbors?” – YES! It is a little weird! But why not take the chance, go against the grain of social norms and Love Your Neighbor like Jesus commanded?

Two days passed and we were finally ready to pass the popcorn bags out!

We decided to pass out the popcorn bags on a weekday around 6:00pm before it got too dark and after people were home from work. We ate dinner and then walked with a bin around the neighborhood to meet and greet 30 new neighbors! We think a few of them thought we were trying to sell things and didn’t answer the door! (We secretly waited till we knew they were home and gave them popcorn another day 🙂 )

Popcorn Craft for Neighbors

Love Your Neighbor

Most of our conversations went like this: 

Us: Hi! We wanted to introduce ourselves. We just moved in and wanted to say HI. I’m David, and this is my wife Maxine and these are our kids!

Neighbor: Oh hi! It’s nice to meet you! Welcome to the neighborhood! (Of course you won’t always have that response.)

Us: We love it here! How long have you been living here?

In one of our favorite conversations we learned that a neighbor had only been in the neighborhood for a few months and really didn’t know many others around the circle! We took the opportunity to introduce them to the other neighbors that we’d just met! As we’ve continued to get to know our neighbors we’ve noticed a common theme of our neighbors not really knowing each other.

What a great thing that so many are wanting friendship and relationship! Friendship with our neighbors, like any other friendship takes effort. But how wonderful to be able to love on them with the Gospel.

BIG CIRCLE Back to the beginning of this post: Peace and Confirmation

As we’ve become friends with our neighbors, we are seeing God’s clear purpose for us to be on our street, in our home to bring light, joy, and hope, through Christ for our neighborhood.

We want to encourage you as you think about meeting your neighbors. You can be the difference maker in your neighborhood! It’s about trusting that the Lord has called you to where you are to live out His command to “Love Your Neighbor.”

How will you love your neighbors today?

We would love to hear how you’re meeting your neighbors! Email us or leave a comment below, we’d love to get to know you and share in your journey!






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