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  • Replanted 🌱

    Replanted 🌱

    Replanted.🌱 It’s been exactly 1️⃣  year since our family uprooted and replanted to a place unknown. 🛫 While still in the same country, Florida was completely foreign to us. I wasn’t able to “check out” where we would be living before we made the big move. In the months of our decision and leading up to…

  • Fleeting


    Fleeting. 🌄 These moments, these days, these breaths. 🌅   📆   🌬 I’m in bed with so much on my mind and my heart. 💓  I have not been functioning well this week with Hurricane Irma on my mind. 🙇🏻‍♀️ Not knowing how exactly it’s going to affect us here in Orlando, what category it…