Kids Art Gallery at Home

As parents, we want to treasure the little to big things that our children create. Those little hands creating pictures, art, memories at home or at school. Sometimes there are so many pieces of artwork that it ends up in a “going to be put somewhere” pile and then forgotten and keeps piling up. When this happened in our house, I was thinking of ways on our to make a kids art gallery at home to preserve these precious memories. Being a bit on the OCD side, I wanted it to look a little more uniform in the frames being used so I picked all white so that the art work stands out a bit more.

Out of the pile of creative work that came home, I chose ones that had more character or personalization to it, especially if it was a hand or foot print. I also love adding in bible verses or pictures of the kids and family as well to the gallery. We now live away from family so I know I need to add more of extended family as well for them to remember family memories.

Hope you enjoy this little snip bit of our family gallery. Can’t wait to see what yours is like. Let me know if you have any questions or need some advice. HAPPY crafting on your Kids Art  Gallery at Home. =)







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