Baby Bowling Pins

My 14-month-old baby bear has sure been keeping mama bear super busy lately. I feel like I need four eyes just to keep watch! One second he’s digging through his toys, another second trying to grab brother bear’s workbooks or toys, and then another second…in the kitchen drawers (taking things out!). Soooo…I’ve been trying to think of things to make for him to keep him busy. I know he likes bouncing balls right now or throwing them. I decided to make some bowling pins out of the baby snack containers that I’ve been keeping in our “Recyclables for Crafts” box. He can throw all he wants! Haha. It’s super simple! The cubs had fun with them! I hope you do too!


  1. Save about 5-10 containers (totally up to you)
  2. Take off plastic wrap
  3. Rinse and dry containers
  4. Use a permanent marker to write PIN numbers.
  5. Find a ball to knock them down (Bouncy Ball, Baseball, Tennis Ball)
  6. If the containers are too light, add something inside to weight down a little (rocks, mini bean bags)
  7. ENJOY and be HAPPY! And get a STRIKE! =D






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  1. Shae Meshelle Avatar
    Shae Meshelle

    I love this idea. I’ve been collecting these things for on the go snacking but this is a fab idea

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