Nerf Gun Target Range

We finally are getting some rain here in sunny California! =D woohoo! We have been in a drought for I don’t know how long, but it’s been great getting some H2O on our dry land. We’ve been at home a lot latey, not just because of the rain, but it’s been hard taking my 10 month old out since he wants to crawl everywhere now. Soooo…we have to get super creative at home since my 4 year old is pretty active. Since he likes nerf guns, we made a fun little shooting range for him out of paper cups and his lego guys. You can use other little toys as well. Get creative with it 🙂

ENJOY and be HAPPY! =D

IMG_6545 IMG_6542 IMG_6539 IMG_6538 IMG_6537 IMG_6533 IMG_6532







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